About WAKE?
WAKE means so many different things...it has a different purpose to the individual wearing it, WAKE is more than clothing...it’s a way of thinking, moving and believing in WAKE .


The clothing and fabric we put on our backs have a much deeper meaning and is a comment on what we are feeling. The brand is for the individual who enjoys and embraces diversity.

Starting the brand, it was important that the WAKE customer must be able to wear the garments every day and that it becomes part of his/her life...created with a fluency to it that makes it easy-to-wear.

At WAKE we like to work with the concept of juxtaposition and applying it to the clothing whether it is the shape or colour. The root of the estetic lies in sportswear and has mobility ...there is also has a great sense of organic form and contour.

We aim to keep the brand alternative and arbitrary with our choice of fabric, prints, and shape. The brand is young and we often compare it to an infant ...with nurture and care it will develop and morph into the vision we have for it.


Current Collection on SURFACE