Who is Tumi Seepe?

At this given moment, Tumi Seepe is anyone she wants to be, artist, creative, blogger, fashion designer.

How long have you been into fashion?

My grandmother was a seamstress and she raised me most of my childhood, it sounds like the cliche but my oldest memory of my interest in fashion was 5-year old me was collecting her fabric scraps and wrapping them around my dolls. I believe my fate was then sealed when she gave me a sewing machine when I was 12. The rest until now is a severe obsession with anything that covers the body, from buying, reinventing, creating and best of all, wearing.

What gave you the idea in the first place to start a blog?

I never saw myself becoming the usual personal style blogger no matter how many times people had suggested it. The need did finally present itself once I figured out what would differentiate me from the rest, I have a strong leaning towards anything unpredictable, and because of that (I think) the rest of my life started.

How did you get started?

I would be nothing without the 'gram. Haha, I guess it was harmless social media #ootd posts that started it all, I had no idea what it would spark and found myself taking it more and more seriously as time went and support grew, before I knew it wasn't JUST posts and became my 'thing'.

Since fashion is a very wide subject, how do you know what works and what doesn't?

What doesn't work is thinking there is such a thing as 'original' in the fashion world, however what does work is learning how to make anything authentic.

Who is your photographer?

For Instagram, as i run out the house during my frantic mornings, I credit my talented 11-year old sister.


The more official shots I credit my supportive boyfriend, and the rest in between I do myself (products, DIYs, tutorials etc).

What kind of personality would you say best describes you? (Sassy/mellow/advice giving)


From the above I am all three. The clothes bring out the sass whether I'm headed to work or a night out. See me on the weekends training or doing other outdoor activities that make up a big part of my life, I'm mellow in tracks and messy hair, and to those closest to me I listen as much as I give advice.

What else do you love to do when you find the time?

My first love or what was an official vessel for what I do now is art, I especially love to paint and craft and I also pursue an active lifestyle (yoga, running, weight training, cycling, to name my favourites). In another life I'd either be a fine artist or a fitness trainer.

How does she stay relevant?

I think being multi-faceted or talented, offering something in return to those who support you as opposed to just being 'inspirational' or showy and finding a means of becoming influential no matter the size of your audience.

What type of feedbacks do you get/have received so far?

I'm pleasantly surprised yet nervous knowing that people would like to see what I do more, in detail and on a more interactive platform. If it wasn't for the positive feedback I probably wouldn't have pushed for a website and pursued a clothing label this soon. People wanna know outfit details, they want custom made items and sometimes even just styling advice and tips.

Anything new and interesting lined up for the future?

Definitely the launch of my website followed by the launch of my clothing label and online store.

Questions by ibilola Odunlami

Photography by @72_photography


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