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Keeping it real, Thithi Nteta, PR consultant and founder of www.teeteeiswithme.com has been blogging about her life and style adventures for about six years.

Having experienced Thailand's white, sandy beaches and the wonderful ancient architecture of Rome, Thithi has not only been able to make enjoyable choices, but smart choices, prioritizing her taste for new experiences.

"I guess the short answer is that I have been able  to monetize my hobby," says Thithi.



For Thithi, when she started, the bloggosphere was just a place to put out everything she found inspirational. And with all the development that has taken place throughout the years, Thithi's content stays as genuine and authentic as possible.

Her style says, 'I'm low key, but I still can make a statement'. "Fashion is what people use to express themselves," says Thithi, and credits meeting people as the most thrilling part of what she does.

"My style actually fits in perfectly with my life," she says. "It's easy, but dressed up at the same time. I like to use the term casual glamour to describe my style."



Photography by: Elijah Semosa @72_photography

Article by; Ibilola Odunlami



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