This Is Us

This is us, the crowd you hear about; the 'different' ones. 

The unconstrained ones, the ones who are moved by dreams and discovery. We are the shifters of style, we influence trends with our take on it. We are the thin line between South Africa the traditional and conservative, and South Africa the modern and globalised.

We are that body; not every bone is perfect, at times our steps are flawed, but our ways are what make the difference. We are the bridge between ideas, often misunderstood. But we are sure in our ways and we find comfort in our vision.

We live a different kind of life, where it is common to put everything on the line with no assurance from anything but the promise of our hopes and goals.  We are more alive and, perhaps, find more liberation in our layers than many of those around us.   

our struggle is proving our worth. Our struggle shows that what we do is not in vain but in faith for the future we see.



All clothing items from Adidas Area 3

Model @ Shawn Ntuli

Written by Elijah Semosa

Article Edited by Ibilola Odunlami

Images by Elijah Semosa of @72_photography


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