"In U We Trust"

Unicorn. Normally refers to a mythical creature found in fiction, but in today's world, its a metaphor for
unique. Different. That's the aesthetic the main designer Sandile Mhlongo and his partner Kgomotso
Dihutso is going for. His latest range, titled "In U We Trust" is a concept inspired by a sudden obsession
of falling in love. A twist on a popular hashtag, #loveliveshere. The "U" is a pun on the various ways 'you'can be interpreted either by the wearer of the garment or the viewer.

The title encourages a 3 way organic flow of conversation between the wearer, the viewer and the
designer. It can be seen as a play on the "U" in Uniqueconz. It can also be interpreted as a message from the designers that they believe/trusr in you, their customers. It can also be seen as a love note to the wearer's partner, flaunting their amorous affair.

The range boasts crisp neutral color palette, namely black, white and gold. The range mainly consists oft-shirts, jackets and caps. The feel is street, yet with a uniform appeal. The use of gold thread in the
garments not only gives it a luxury appeal, emphasizing its value. The stark colour contrast maintains the street edge style the brand is known for.

Sandile strives to perfect the basics first, before diversifying the range and use of colour within the
brand. The aim for 2016 is to be more involved in the production of the clothing. Through being capableof producing their own samples and templates themselves, it will give more autonomy to the designers. It will also decrease the gap of misinterpretation of his creative vision during production.

This year they plan on being more hands on where they'd like to produce a fashion showcase where
customers can come and interact not only with the clothes but gain a deeper understanding of the
brand's values. So keep your eyes peeled. Usually you can get your hands on their clothes at an exclusive local curated online clothing store, rhtconline.com and have it delivered to you.

You can find their blog at theuniconz.tumble.com or follow their handle on Instagram
@the_uniqueconz. Website will be coming soon.


Article Written by Moness Stoles

Model: William Barnwell

Photography by @72_photography 


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