Cool tones seem to be dominating this season, with grey and blue being the favoured swatches.For those who have opted for warmer tones, the overall pallette is kept rather minimal. Only one or two colours are paired at a time, providing a more solid, uniform look

If anything, most looks offer more of a mixture of styles and skin coverage. The dominant combinations are distressed/casual, tailored and sporty whereas the pieces with vibrant colour take on a more bohemian feel. With it being summer, skin makes its appearance as part of the wardrobe, but almost non committally, covering up as far as the weather allows while bearing enough skin to get a feel of the season.

"Less is more" takes the lead in providing each ensemble with personality, with subtle accents and alerations to selected pieces. A dab of red lipstick, a folded trouser hem or a stylish pair of sneakers do the trick.


Article written by @Ibilola_odunlami

Photography by @72_photography 


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