STYLE GUIDE: 5 Tips for amazing corperate style

If you’re looking for ways to dress smart for the office and look chic every time, these tips
by fashion and beauty blogger, Siyanda Bani, are a surefire way to keep you 5 steps
ahead of the curve.

1. “A crisp, white shirt is a must in a working woman’s closet.”
This item is number one on the list for a reason: a crisp, white shirt is a corporate closet
staple. If you’re feeling a little frumpy at the office, try styling your outfits with more of
these. Have at least three that each have their unique details. And make sure that your
shirt is well ironed and stain-free *before* leaving home, so you won’t have to pretend
that you spilled your egg sandwich on your shirt “on your way to work”.

2. “Mix classics with trends – the pleats and berets were a big trend in 2017 and
don’t seem to be going anywhere.”This will require a sharp eye and some self-awareness. Trends come and go quickly, so if you’re going to splurge, splurge on the classics; the items that you know will remain
relevant in your closet for years to come. The good thing about trends is, though they
come and go, there’s a lot to choose from. This is your opportunity to be playful.

3. “When in doubt, wear pumps; pumps will give you that elevated and polished
look.”What more is there to say here? With pumps, you can’t go wrong; they’re like the LBD of

4. “Choose cuts and styles that flatter your physique, cigarette pants exude
sophistication and class.” Cigarette pants give you an immediate pass into the corporate fashion sphere. Their structure and strong vertical silhouette adds not only style, but power to your wardrobe.

5. “Don’t be afraid to use a pop of colour, whether it’s a red lip or a striking red
dress; bright, bold colours are known to give that extra confidence boost.”
The office may be a serious environment (we understand, slaying is serious work), so
this last tip is somewhat essential. A pop of colour to your corporate wardrobe will give
your outfit that extra bit of spice that you need to boost your confidence at work so that
you can go about your day and slay accordingly.



Images shot by @72_photography  

Article written @Ibilola Odunlami

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