STYLE GUIDE: Sports luxe: a legacy

Years ago, someone, somewhere said that the 90's was the era that fashion forgot. Thank goodness 2018 begs to differ. With most millennials ready to throw adulting in the trash, fashion holds the beacon of hope that we can hold on to to keep the glamour of adulthood alive.


Along with the trends of 2018 comes the opportunity to live out the millennial childhood dream of what it would look like to slay as a grown up. Not only can we once again appreciate slicked down baby hairs as an art form, but ... (dare I say it?) finally, we get to pick which Spice Girl we want to be once again! This time, though, the most covetable girl in the group is Sporty.


Before we travel too far on our millennial tangent, let's take a moment to celebrate the next generation of stylistas, who are carrying the baton of adulting with a little more ease as they step into this era's world of fashion.


In this style feature, Tumi Moliko shows us five ways to rock the Sports Luxe throwback trend effortlessly:


Tip #1: Keep it simple

With athleisure, you don't need loud colours and bold prints to make a statement. Less is more. Either go for monochrome (black, white and grey) or primary colours (red, blue and yellow) for a complete athleisure look. The aim is style with "I just threw this on" ease.


Tip #2: Invest in branded items

For the next generation of fashionistas, generic clothing isn't quite going to cut it. Visible branding shows your commitment to the sports luxe culture.


Tip #3: Keep it classic

Classic brands like Supreme and Fila are asserting their place in popular culture once again. And, of course, Kappa, a brand worn in the 90s by Sporty Spice herself, can also now be considered an athleisure closet staple. You gotta keep it OG.


Tip #4: Keep it uniform

This tip is a nod to the first tip. You don't have to go out of your way to think of how you're going to pair your tracksuit pants. Just wear the whole set. You're welcome.


Tip #5: Let your Sports Luxe look reflect your mood

Gone are the days where the only shoes you could pair your tracksuit with were sneakers (or sneaker wedges - but we'll save that topic for another day). Sporty doesn't have to mean limiting. If you're feeling tomboyish, of course, your classic Chucks or Adidas sneakers are an option, but there is freedom to experiment. You can just as easily open up the studs of your side-striped pants and pair your look with classic strappy heels if you're feeling grown and sexy. 


It's the beginning of 2018, boys and girls. Sports Luxe is basically the mood for the year, so: Get ready, get set, go! ... And be stylish

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