STYLE GUIDE : Cassandra Twala

Consistency is what makes a fashion icon, according to Cassandra Twala. "Without seeing their face you know that it's them," says the cofounder of the blog, Black Base.And whether she's clothed head to toe in all black or several shades of gray, Cassandra knows how to pull together a look that will make a lasting statement.


Honestly, you've got to admire the commitment and creativity that comes with the choice to keep it simple. The past couple of years have seen a rise in taste for minimalist style in fashion and interior design. You can imagine that such a look would be easy to embrace, but a minimalist wardrobe is not always easy to put together and pull off time again. Oh, but she does. And her biggest accessory, the piece that brings it all together - her smile. "Clothes, you can put on and take off but who you are sticks throughout," she says.

In fact, according to Cassandra, if you get it right, you won't have to say much at all. To her, style is a very personal thing. Of course, it's expressive and it's fun, but most importantly, your style is you without saying words; "it's everything you don't say".


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Article by Ibilola Odunlami

Images by @72_photography

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