Autumn Winter 2018 - Make up Trends

Super Lashes

Not just trend but a necessity of you are trying to shape your eyes, Its not just extended your lashes with mascara but also about realising that colour is also an effective to get those lashes standing out and give your look a boost.


Rebel without a Flaw.

The black smokey eye is a classic and it works regardless of the year, in 2018 we see the smokey getting done up a bit with different colours, shades and size serving us some unexpected and different looks or rather future classic look?


Statment Lips

The Lip department is one of the first things people see when you coming down the street and with that said one just stick to bland old school colours. In this season we bright colours, dark colours, metallics and matter textures all these are perfect if you wan that it factor


Corperate Chic

The working doesn't need to be too much but at the same time she needs to stand out and these looks are perfect for every kind working girl out there. If you entire thing is minimal the no make fresh face look if for you but at the same time if you are the stand out stylish girl a colourful light smokey eye might be you thing fact is you will be the difference in the office.


Glitter Box

Time to relive you childhood fantasies with out getting in trouble, this trend is all centered around utilising glitter as an enhancement tool to bring a little more life and shimmer to your look. Adding a little specitcal to your eyes, cheeks and aswell as using it as a highlighting tool will definitely have you standing out.


Colour Theory: Brights

The brighter the better, this trend is solely focused on exploring and experimenting with bright colours in your eye shadow,mascara and eyeliner.  The goal is to look fresh different and colourful. All you have to do is find which colour works best with your skin tone.


Those are the trends, let us know what you think below by commenting your thought share this feature if you like it.

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