Berets In Trend?!

From Paris To Gogos (grandma's) go to church accessory to being one of winter 2018's most recognizable trend. Yes, we are talking Berets or 'Berete' as it is known here in South Africa.

This winter we see the beret moving away from being part of the political uniform to being dawned by some of the chicest and most stylish influencers, celebrities and major fashion houses the world such as Gucci and Dior. The humble Parisian hat is being revived and combined with some of the awesome looks we have seen this winter and we love it.

This winter the beret has changed from leather to neon colors to being adorned with pearls and other amazing precious jewels and ultimately culminating into a unisex fashion accessory that is diverse enough for anyone to wear young and old stylish and all those functional people out there just trying to keep warm.

Elijah SemosaComment