The Wing

In South Africa, women are not so keen on experimenting with different make up looks. Safe is the most, if not the only thing trending on peoples' faces. You can blame it on our “infant”, none-existent beauty industry (fueled by the major multi-national beauty companies that have set up shop here).

Why are we as women so scared? We see the same old looks all the time. Why aren't we aware that the looks on our faces are as important as those we put on our bodies? We take so much care and time putting together the outfits we put on but jump for the same old make up looks that we know for a fact someone else will be a wearing a variation of at whatever event we end up at.

Egyptian royality Cleopatra, hollywood glamour personalities and most probably your favorite international instagrammer has tried this beauty trend atleast once. Yes, this trend has spanned the centuries. I mean it's older than Jesus himself (you are free to research how long ago Cleopatra was here on this very earth). It comes in many variations such as simple, graphic and also in doubles. Some people simply call it the wing and others know it as the famed cat eye. Whatever you call it, we don’t see much of it locally so thats why we are profiling it. We want to give you a breakdown of all you need to know about this timeless make up trend. Here are 6 things you need to know about it.


Elijah SemosaComment