Puff Puff Print

if you love you Africana and still have some of that Black Panther Wakanda Forever in you then this feature is for you.


There is a brand nestled in the heart of New Town, Johannesburg aiming to redefine winter wear. Bathini Designs est 2015 aims to be more than just Afrocentric, they are looking to change how we perceive African fashion in the winter months.


We all know the drag of having to pack up our colorful prints for winter and replace them with darker more muted colors but not anymore, they a have created a line of puffer jackets that are as African as African print gets to hold you up this winter. The jackets are well crafted, handmade and arent just some African print material that has been stuck on a pre-existing piece there is some real craftsmanship going here and on plus they are super warm.


The owner of the brand ( Bathini ) tells us they created these puffers for all those who like experimenting and staying to true to African fashion whole year around and as well as for those who like to stand out of the crowd. The puffers are unisex and can be made to your own specifications and prints. 

_MG_5257 copy.jpg


We can't begin to tell you how important these kind of products are for us as African, as much as it doesn't sound like much but the ability to clothing that represents us every single month of the year is a real feet and lends itself to the deprogramming of western culture and ultimately makes common representation of our cultures and aesthetic. 


We know winter is on its way out right now but there is still that occasional chili day the creeps up on us so if you have some money to spend of your last jacket or coat this winter, Buy this one.

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