Introverted Style: Esihle Katiya

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introvert means a shy or reticent person. 

Fashion is an industry where ego, bravado and an innate self-confidence reigns supreme, we look all the bold people year after year attending all the fashion weeks looking their utmost best. It is so easy for us to connect one and one together and think that to be apart of this grand fashion machine you just need to be confident along with knowing how to style yourself beyond trends, yes that is the common misconception. 

We have someone here is the exact opposite who taught us a great lesson about the relationship between fashion and personal expression. Esihle Katiya a fashion student at Lisof Johannesburg in a true definition is an introvert in fashion, she is not obsessed with dressing up to be photographed by the best photographers at fashion week nor is she obsessed with dressing up to be the next big influencer. Her position in all this is a natural  and genuine one, she dresses up the way she does because its who she is, this is how she feels and how she projects what is in the inside, being a shy person its hard to communicate but being a fashionista she uses her style to speak for her be as out there and expressive as she wants to be.

In a world where Instagram has made it easy for everyone to self-title themselves as an influencer or blogger and generally do it for the "Gram" people like Esihle are a diamond in the rough. We've learned from a key fundamental of what it takes to have true style regardless of who you are and that lesson is " Do it For Yourself and Let it Speak for You"

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Images Shot by @72_photography