Where is the Revolution!?

We live in a country where your outer perception is everything everywhere. We tend to build up images of each other and little backstories based on the possessions a person has at that very moment we meet them. This leads to people investing a lot in their image, which sees so many of our people buying so much into international brands and luxury items. The average South African knows at least one international luxury brand and this ranges from age group to age group but the better question is how many local designers do they know? In a  world where we're so obsessed with our image regardless of which part of the income scale we fall, why do we place so much emphasis on expensive items that are mass produced?. Isn't the better alternative to buy into local products that are unique, well crafted and cost a fraction of the price?.

Yeah yeah don't get me wrong I know how South Africans want you to know they're well off by flaunting their standing in society based on how their dress whether we see it or not. Our consumerism is deep-rooted in the always trying to be better versions of ourselves physically, psychologically and emotionally. Hence we invest in the type of elevation within society that comes with a hefty price tag.

So where is the revolution? where are the people outside of the fashion community who are supposed to be buying into the gold's worth of talent we have? I mean, we have enough potential to change international fashion culture but can't because our own people aren't with us. The same amount of the money we spend on all these international brands is around the same if not cheaper than genuine local designer wear? It is a bit confusing if you ask me, the fact that we invest so much in our image but fail to be unique, it seems we are more concerned about buying into the brand names than actually elevating ourselves.

The biggest point I am trying to make here is that the average South African can afford genuine South African designer wear. They just choose not to, why?! maybe its a lack of awareness, exposure or general misconceived notions. Let me put more context to this if you can afford Nike sweatpants you can afford pants from a local fashion designer.

_MG_8771 copy.jpg

We are excited about Lous Vuitton, but barely understand beautiful and truly unique garments from the likes of Arnold Phasha, Rich Mnisi, MmusoMaxwell, Avant Apparel Thebe Magugu, Black Coffee just to name a few.


If you are reading this and are South African the cliche statement ( The Revolution starts with you) is true because it takes you to buy an amazing garment from a designer and show everyone you know and just by doing that you can start effect change.


Photos shot by: @72_photography
Model : Mitchelle @Boss Models
Clothes: Ageo by Arnold Phasha

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