Met Gala 2018

The Met Gala is arguably one of the biggest events in fashion. The 2018 theme was Heavenly Bodies and we were taken to Church! Designers and celebrities were provided with a platform to interpret the theme however they felt. The theme was actually sanctioned by the Catholic church itself so its official.Our timelines were flooded with images of celebrities dressed as nuns, priests and the pope. Capes, crosses, crowns and wings all detailed to perfection. The usual media storm kept us wanting to see more. We sat down and thought about how pioneering and controversial the whole direction of the the Met Gala 2018 was and here´s what we thought about the looks served. 

The one thing that stuck out to us here at UFL was how detailed the designs were. The designs weren't in our opinion revolutionary unless you think adding huge wings to a mini dress is. The attention to detail was amazing. The intricate adornments on some of the garments blew us away. Look closely at Rihanna dressed like a female pope in Maison Margiela by John Galliano, Anna Wintour wearing Chanel, Lily Collins wearing Givenchy, Cara Delevingne wearing Dior, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing Ralph Lauren, Jeremy Scott and Cardi B wearing Moschino. We can go on and on and lets remember this theme has to do with a religion where the affluence isn't particularly looked at with a lot of enthusiasm. Fashion was of a different quality yes we loved seeing Katy Perry dressed like a soaring angel. Jared Leto straight out looking like Jesus and so on expressing the theme how they felt best. It made us wonder even further. Is it good seeing all these people with millions of followers dressed up like sacred figures? Is it bad? Is it desensitising? Is it blasphemy?. 

Let´s be frank, no one likes it when their religion is used in a commercialized manner. Religion itself is a very sensitive thing and it connects with peoples struggles and life on a deeper level that some of us can't fathom. The question is, is it right to commercialize religion or is it a beautiful way to open peoples eyes to the beauty and maybe loosely saying a good way of converting a few atheists along the way. Let us know your thoughts comment below.

Elijah SemosaComment