New Style: Yaone Refentse

Yaone Refentse is a creative with an irrevocable love for fashion, style & fashion photography. Her quirky style is a reflection of her personality. She is a fashion designer, creative consultant & commercial model. She graduated from LISOF with a BA in Fashion.

Yaone has worked with other creatives, brands, talented photographers & has been featured in major magazines for her individualistic style.

Yaone Refentse is unapologetically herself & through her style, aspires to inspire others to do the same.

Style Tips:

1. If you like it, buy it. If you worry too much about items not fitting into your current wardrobe, your style won’t develop. 
2. Pair two statement pieces together & keep the rest of your look muted for a head-turner. 
3. On lazy days, suits & co-ords are your best friends. Invest in a few matching sets. 
4. Don’t feel cornered into following the trends. If you don’t think the items of the season are appealing, do your own thing. Find new places to shop & new people to follow. 
5. It’s so cliché but confidence & comfort carry your whole ensemble.