SS18 Collection Breakdowns; Mmuso Maxwell, Helon Melon & T'Niche from SA Fashion Week

Mmuso Maxwell SS18

This collection redefined the standard of professional adding class and intense colour to pieces one might assume are an echo of past generation to be swept into the closet and forgotten completely. We witnessed a rebirth of the pencil skirt with high slits and asymmetric cuts, embellished with patterns one might have never expected and  paired with bright colours and bold patterns to completely change the appeal to this once rigidly bland, near distasteful piece. Pantsuits were also revamped and brought to life with bright and vividly unapologetic colours and patterns breathing life into the entire range. We also saw an edgy look bringing the ever popular cropped pants paired with the surprising addition of a sleeveless coat and of course all was done with a splash of colour and an aura of fun!


T'niche SS18

Staying cool calm and collected was the aim here with an unapologetically bold charisma. We saw cropped tops redefined with an elaborately casual yet fashion forward sense paired with a cropped skirt or an oversized dress or floral side slit flaring pants. We were also graced by breathtakingly loose knits marking the transition from winter to spring effortlessly. The colour pallet was intentionally faceted to mark this transition as well, initiating the spectrum with cool greys and pastel pink ranging to rose gold, graduating to bright pink, orange and reds smoothly eccentuating the unnoticed change between seasons.


Helon melon SS18

Translucence and Crisp white gave this Collection an ethereal feel making us feel as though angels descended and made their way onto the runway. The translucent green and pink pieces gave the allure of of trees swaying in the summer breeze with flowers scattered allowing the wind to blow through with ease. A few layered pieces reminded us of an easing calm that comes with the spring and summer with subtlety and grace. This was definitely a feminine range with a touch of new age  trend to keep the feel elegance and chic in one cohesive range

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