SS18 Collection Breakdowns; Ensoko, Kumkani & Manstsho from SA Fashion Week

Kumkani bespoke 

The traditional essence of this collection presented a cross cultural clash of patterns and colours. We witnessed a neo-masculine piece paired with a kufya, accentuating elegance with a little cultural  appropriation pulled off with style and subtlety. Swati traditional colours and prints were paired with animal prints and an Arabian flare of eccentricity with a knee length coat and two pieces brought to life with fitted yet conservatively stylish blazers bringing masculine style with timelessness. 


Mantsho SS18

This collection was reminiscent of the beauty and calm of the ocean's  hues of blues. The relaxed aura of the pieces breezy with the feel of the air blowing through your hair while you bask in the magnificence of natures beauty. A few pieces kept a mismatched but cohesive clash of patterns keeping in tune with the traditional feel that mantsho usually dishes out. The sea reminiscent throughout the collection saw a piece with the untamed yet graceful  allure of whitewater crashing against the rocks with might and strength making its mark unapologetically to the runway


Ensoko SS18

Colour print and eccentricity were the name of the game in this collection. No longer are men boxed into oversized and under styled suites without a hint of personality, this range exuberantly brought personality to the formerly ultra-formal forte. We saw pink dominating the scene in fitted and coordinated suites, a breath of fresh air in the men's department along with floral prints giving of the freshness and sweetness of life and bloom with the allure of spring.  This collection  was definitely a breath of fresh air to men's fashion, it was playfully cool and casual yet collected and formal.

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