Wake: Ediorial

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In single file they float, fixed to the walking mannequins. All items graceful, clean and harmonious; some are aerial, while others are steady, moving solidly with each step. Founded by Pieter Burger, WAKE is inspiration and story-telling through the creation of garments.

The brand pays special attention to form, ensuring that it is fit for both the runway and the commercial fashion admirer. WAKE draws from people, the earth and the unknown. It is a refined representation of nature in its many shapes and forms.

Like nature, the brand births beauty through a process that is both structured and spontaneous. The concept for each garment starts off abstract. It could begin with an action, memory or idea. This evolves into a shape; a piece of fabric will come to mind, and a garment is born.

The brand generates a different feel throughout each collection. Its ability to inspire different things in each person allows WAKE to reach out to those who enjoy and embrace diversity. Some may enjoy the shapes and prints and some the cut and quality of the fabric.

Some may like one garment, while others fall in love with an entire collection. Regardless of what each reason might be, there is a steady pulse that beats throughout all the brand’s admirers; its novelty.

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