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Scalo experiments with fabric are aimed at revolutionising the way that the garments move and fit onto the body. 

Designing for both the modern man and woman, his collections have been a reflection of buoyancy, strength and boldness.  Known for his innovative and sophisticated designs, and having dressed DJ switch, AKA and P-Square, it can be said that Sello Medupe, founder of the brand Scalo, has come a long way from when he first started out.

UFL had a brief QnA session with Sello to find out more about the man behind the brand.

UFL: How do you work? What is your creative process?

SM: Inspiration,storyboard,sketching,patterns and sewing.

UFL: How was ‘Scalo’ born? When did you realise that this was what you wanted to do?

SM: It all started in primary school. I used to sketch; I saw a fashion drawing in a magazine and I knew that this was for me.

UFL: What is your reason for success?

SM: Hard work and never giving up.

UFL: What do you hope to have achieved in five years’ time?/What are you looking forward to the most?

SM: Opening my own store,showcasing on bigger platforms and being involved in big tenders.

UFL: How are you planning to achieve that?

SM: By knocking on the right doors and getting PR on my side.

UFL: How does Scalo fit into the world of fashion and into the world of the consumer?

SM: Scalo is a modern future brand.

UFL: Which platform did you use to launch your brand?

SM: I used Fashion Week Joburg and magazines.

UFL: How long did it take for your brand to be established?

SM: I worked on it for 2 years before I made it official.

UFL: What have you done to help your brand get to this point?

SM: I worked very hard and was blessed to be discovered.

UFL: How does the collection’s inspiration tie in with the inspiration/philosophy of the brand?

SM: I always get inspired by many different factors which have to meet up with the brands philosophy.

UFL: What elements do you think are essential for creating a fashion brand?

SM: Hard work,talent, and being business minded.

UFL: What would you say are some of the things you don’t need when creating a fashion brand?

SM: People who try to take advantage of your hard work.

UFL: If your clothing could speak, what would it say (both on the rack and on the consumer)?

SM: Mordenity,futuristic.

UFL: In what way has it been challenging, being a brand that is just starting out, and being up against larger retailers dominating the market?

SM: The hardest thing is trying to break in,getting capital to start of,and the fake people you come across.

UFL: What are some of the other challenges you may have faced?

SM: Creating my own textiles or fabrics.

UFL: Which retailers or investors have backed you up the most?

SM: Raw Tanik

UFL: Who do you think would resonate most with your work?

SM: People who want to stand out in their own unique way.

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