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A person's character is often described through the analogy of their scent. This, according to Phathi Katurah, is the heart of her jewellery line, InKaturah. "Katurah means perfume. I have reinterpreted this to mean essence or spirit . It's all about self expression," she says. Each piece of jewellery is like a hand-made piece of art, giving reflections of a distinct African identity.

Phathi's jewellery line is a collection of both new and reinvented ideas, and a product of an inquisitive mind.  It began when Phathi, a passionate creative, started making jewellery for herself to accompany the clothing she made. She fell in love with the process and industry and has since fully embraced its fruitful outcome. She owns a style blog, where she explores ways one can redefine various parts of ones personal and style identity. Wherever clothing is involved, accessories are bound to follow; therefore, with a diverse range of styles available, there is a place for an InKaturah piece with any outfit. 

So how does Phathi decide what item of jewellery should be styled with an outfit? Well, the type clothing she would typically pair with Inkaturah jewellery would depend on the piece itself, and how the selection of that piece would suit one's personal style. "There should be no limitations in style and everyone should have the freedom to choose. As a general rule of thumb, though, I would say avoid having too many dramatic pieces all in one go. A statement necklace can be worn with studs rather than big, eye- catching earrings."

Phathi often encourages women to buy something unlike what they own or usually wear, challenging them to step out of their comfort zone and express a different aspect of themselves. To be drawn to an InKaturah piece is natural for any person, but the shape, material and elements of the piece is what really makes it stand out. It is this same natural appeal and boldness that Phathi encourages with her styling.  She adds, "Whenever you put on an item of clothing you are sending out a messagw to the world. In the same way, Inkaturah pieces are an expression and extension of 'self'. Each piece is different and when worn, it sends out a message to the world:

"'I am graceful and elegant'

"'I am bold'

"'I am stylish'

"'I am artistic'".



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