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"I remember it was the time of Boomshaka and I was very fascinated about the style they had, to an extent where my mom bought me the similar outfit they had, a mini skirt,  stomach out top now known as a crop top,  and long boots to go with it,  at that very moment I knew I had found my passion in life."

To Xiluva Nyathi, there are two people in this fashion industry,  the ones who always had it , and the ones who follow trendsetters, always  keeping up with the latest. 
"I've always had it in me." Says Xiluva.


"Back at home,  most people never understood me, the clothes I would wear,I was kind of weird to most, only now they  understand, because Television  has developed to more channels and it explains it better."
Her heart is moved by anything quirky, with vintage black fashion that speaks to her the most. If fashion sense is something that can be passed down through genes, she would definitely say she get it from her dad.
"I fell in love with his  old pictures,  may his soul rest in peace."

Throughout the years, her style has developed, from being a weird girl who always had a mohawk and colourful jeans to a more toned down expression of herself.
"I am so glad i came to Johannesburg, this place has the right energy for different styles. The most style i have fallen inlove with and reminded me of the pictures I've seen of my dad was the vintage style,  I've always new I had it in me.  I am a genuine and colourful person,  and vintage clothing allows me to express myself In such a profound way."

Always striving for something different, Xiluva does not allow for her style to give off the same expression as the next person; it is highly self driven.

"For me is not always about trying to make it in this industry or impress people around me, but it's a life style. My character  (personal style) is what gets me going. My world is inspired by my style, I don't let conditions change the way I carry myself,  and the way I perceive fashion.  My style comes within, and my soul is colourful, that's why  I always paint my life in yellow. "


Photography by: Elijah Semosa @72_photography

Article by; Ibilola Odunlami



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