"I need it!" - a phrase that tends to go through Palesa Mahlaba's mind a lot. But we all know how it is, right? It could be the sight of a killer pair of shoes sitting glamourously on the store shelf or a neck piece that makes no sense unless it becomes a part of our wardrobe. 

"The amount of times I’ve said that phrase even when I truly don’t need the item," she reflects.

But for Palesa, it goes beyond the question of material necessity. If she had to pinpoint one of the most powerful things about fashion, it would be that it has the power to transform anyone's entire mood. For Palesa, fashion is a language that uses no words. Quoting Rachel Zoe, she says, "It’s a way to say who you are without speaking."


"My typical mall outfit can vary from a very dressed down Jeans-and-Tee combo to something more dressed up, like sequence pants - yes, I said "sequence" -  and dressy shoes. I really like switching it up and trying something different."


Her store of choice can vary anywhere from local designers, high-street retailers to  shops in town.This is because she knows the power of being able to mix different brands and price points to get an amazing outfit and build a wardrobe. 


"Every season I try to have a hit list of items that I need to update my closet. I try not to buy into a trend but rather buy new pieces that I can work into my existing closet to update it," she says. 


With experience as a fashion editor under her belt, as well as her blog, and a company that she is running with her close friend and business partner, Crystal, she has managed to pave her own way in the industry - however, with one very important statement piece that holds stronger than any glamourous shoe:

"Don’t get swayed by what everyone is doing around you."

And patience, of course - because fashion is a fickle industry.
"Stay on your path and that will set you apart."

Do you want to see more of Palesa's fashion musings, straight from the source?

Visit www.simplypalesa.co.za

Photography by: Elijah Semosa @72_photography

Article by: Ibilola Odunlami


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