UFL About Style - Roxy Ferriera Q&A

Who is Roxy Ferreira?

I'm a hardworking, go getter, entrepreneur, who loves fashion and all things creative.


What you were like growing up compared to what you are like right now?

I feel like i am the same person, just with more lessons behind me.Growing up i was never considered normal. I was always a quirky outgoing kid, who always spoke my mind and fought for what i believed in and now as a adult i am exactly the same.Back then i use to hate feeling different to everyone because i use to get teased, i didn’t understand why kids were mean to me for being who i was, but as i grew  older i praised being different because my differences are what made me the absolute individual i am today.


 Where you always into fashion? What does fashion mean to you?

When i look back to when i was really young i always loved fashion, back then i didn't even realize it. My mom had a dress up box for my sisters and i from when i was a baby, so it became a place where i could expressing myself from a young age. From about 10 years old i started keeping books where i would put in cut outs of things that inspired me, draw pictures and right things down. To this day 16 years later i still do the same. I have a creative book wherever i go to write down ideas.Fashion means to me what it always has from when i was young and playing dress up. Fashion is a place where i can express myself and how im feeling. I dress to my mood or what I am inspired by. The same goes when creating a new range for my brand Parooz, it is created by my inspirations and personality.



 What is your day job?

I am the owner and founder of fashion brand and retail store Parooz Fashions.


What do you love to do whenever you find the time? (Do you have enough  time for it?)

I don’t have much free time on my hands, as my brand is my baby and needs my attention always.  I do feel that when you doing what you love and working towards your dreams coming true, it doesn’t really feel like work at all. I love doing fashion and working on my brand, that is my number one love. In the spare time I do have, I love helping my boyfriend run his charity Outreach program Jacoba FC working with kids is one of my favorite things. Also just hanging out with my friends, they are my sanity the absolute best.


How do you balance your workload to get around to doing the things you want to do?

Time management is key in balancing work load and still making sure you have time to do other things.  Setting goals and deadlines for myself always helps.


What is the most cherished or thrilling part of what you do?

Getting to do what I love every single day and being able to materialize my dreams slowly but surely.  I cherish most being able to create new ranges that I  put so much of myself into, I truly love and respect every single item as I know the hard work and love that has gone into bringing out a new collection. The most thrilling must be the traveling I get to do and the cool people I have met both internationally and at my store. I love having the shop in Braamfontein, we have the coolest customers.


What do you hope to have achieved in five years’ time?

Just that my brand grows slowly from strength to strength. In 5 years time I hope

To have another store or two definitely. That would be incredible!


 What would you not be caught dead wearing?

Crocs or Buffalo shoes haha


Who/what inspires you?

So much inspires me. The world around me, travelling seeing different cultures, my customers and the people around me in my day to day life.


How does your style fit into your world?

Fashion is my world and my personal style is a reflection of who I am and how I feel that day.  My world is fun and creative and expressive, and that’s what my style is. I could never work in a office or a place where I had to wear a uniform it would kill my soul. I am so thankful that I get to be 100% authentically myself every day.


Photography by: Elijah Semosa @72_photography



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